History of L’Atelier des Griffons 

Jean-Guy White, L’Atelier Des Griffons’ current President and Artistic Director, founded the workshop in Quebec City in 1987 following a rewarding two-year experience in Toronto with the Fraggle Rock television series (created and produced by the Jim Henson Company, the famous creator of the Muppets). During the following six years, Jean-Guy divided his time between contracts for Jim Henson Productions in New York and L’Atelier Des Griffons’ workshop in Montreal and Quebec. In 1991, Jean-Guy moved to New York in order to work with the best in the business. While working on the Dinosaurs television series in Los Angeles in 1993, Jean-Guy was offered the prestigious position of Senior Puppet Designer by the Jim Henson Company. Two years later in 1995, a desire to face new challenges and grow L’Atelier des Griffons’ business, brought Jean-Guy back to Montreal to head up puppet production on a new series produced by Desclez Productions.

Since then, we have broadened our range of services to include the design and manufacture of costumes and props for television series and specials, as well as feature films, promotional advertising and stage performances. All our creations, whether intended for the local or international market, are produced under Jean-Guy’s artistic direction, providing clients with the value of his unique talent and solid expertise spanning fifteen years of top quality North American television production.

In addition to having personally carried out production of a great number of puppets for Jim Henson Productions, Jean-Guy, along with the creative team at L’Atelier Des Griffons, have designed puppets, costumes props and Toys for such well-known production companies such as Cinar, Desclez Productions, SDA Productions, Zone 3, Cité-Amerique, Michael Whetstone Design, The Mauii Myth & Magic Theater and The Manhattan Toy Company.

Jean-Guy White 
As the President and Artistic Director of L’Atelier des Griffons I have a hands-on approach to all projecs that we undertake. I act as Designer, Artistic Director and Workshop Manager. I believe in taking an active part in the manufacturing of our many creations. I also create original prototypes of toys for producers, designers and manufacturers and I am currently taking part in the creation and development of an original children’s television series featuring puppets that I will design and build. I combine creative talent with a proven ability to manage production lines, trouble shoot , and oversee a tight and efficient company administration.


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