Welcome to the world of L’Atelier des Griffons Inc.!

We’ve been creating and designing quality puppets for television since 1987. Over the past few years our expertise has extended to related fields such as the design and manufacturing of high-quality costumes – decorative, playful and inspired to meet the unique needs of our demanding clientele. Remarkable know-how and versatile artists are instrumental in the production of our creations. Our company is committed to meeting the highest standards, turning extravagant ideas into reality, and pushing the limits of creative imagination!

We strive for total, long-term satisfaction of our customers; an effort that is carried out on all our projects with a spirit that is as creative on the aesthetic level as it is exacting on the technical level. Other puppet, props and costume design studios and workshops regularly seek out our expertise.

Our workshop, located in Québec, Canada has a world-wide reputation for excellence. We have taken on large scale projects in New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii. We have created artful puppets, props and costumes for programs airing all over the world. We love to work with talented people from every corner of the earth. Cultural diversity adds depth to our creative approach. Our aim is to offer, exchange and acquire creative experience and technical known-how on each project in order to better meet the exciting new challenges ahead.

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